Ibiza Management believes that at the core of every unique experience there is the independent concierge service designed to meet your every need.

Ibiza management has created relationships with the best partners in Ibiza and we guarantee top quality results on many different fields. With more than 10 years of experience, tailor-made solutions are a fact!

Ibiza Management feels and thinks as the client, which means we always find the best solutions, in private as well as in corporate issues!

Ibiza management manages all official documents as requested, from Notary-authentication, to entry in cadastral documentation, land registration, architectural planning and consulting, acquisition of planning-licenses, building inspection,insurances, financial assistance and house management.

Personal Assistants

Ibiza Management is specialized to offer any kind of personal assistance with full privacy for clients . we arrange prebookings of top restaurants and high end hotels but we also guide our special clients though the Barcelona experience with pleasure!

Summer rental villa management

Ibizamanagement presents the proffesional Lisa Tarallo who can guide you to your dream villa for a prefect and amazing summer holiday!